It all started when...

We are Yvonne van der Caay and Alex Kühne and we live in Amersfoort. Our two daughters Ruby and Teddy study and live in Groningen and Maastricht.
In the summer of 2006 we bought a beautiful house in Greece, in one of the most beautifull areas in Greece: the Peloponnesos in Kafou.
Like some of you may daydream in front of the broker’s showcase, our dream came true when we found our home in Kafou.
Since our house can be rented, we hope you will enjoy reading this site, and we are happy to provide you with any further information.

Accommodation description/for rent:
Warmly furnished house for two to six guests with large terrace garden and a wide sea view. Situated between Kalamata and Koroni in one of the most beautiful spots in the Peloponnesos. The new, detached house is fully equipped with modern equipment and is situated in the small village of Kafou with approximately fifteen houses and a church. In the middle of beautiful nature, surrounded by absolute peace and quiet, it is only a fifteen minute walk to one of the sandy beaches. By car, it takes about five minutes to reach shops and multiple beaches in Chrani and the vicinity.
The area, has many possibilities to visit nature, history, villages and cities (with plenty of shops), as well as the sea with multiple beaches.
Reservations can be made at any time.

Send an e-mail to or call Alex Kühne and Yvonne van der Caay
Enjoy our home in Greece!
(Yvonne van der Caay, Alex Kühne, Ruby, and Teddy)

We bought the house in the summer 2006. It is a new house. The previous owner was
practically done with the build. In the autumn of 2006 the build was officially completed. It is
a six person house, fully equipped with all modern equipment. Total indoor living area is
150m2. We are the first inhabitants of the house. The lady who built the house was inspired
by Yoga and Feng Shui. This can be felt when staying in our house.
The house is built in perfect relation with nature, the sea, the mountain, and its surroundings.
The layout of the spaces is pleasant and spacious and wonderful materials from the region
have been used everywhere. The house is completely detached and has a wonderful view
towards the sea and the surroundings.
It is a stone house consisting of three floors

Floor 1:
The guesthouse
On the bottom floor, below the big balcony the guesthouse is situated. A spacious 2 person
bedroom with two box spring beds, (beds can be placed both separately or together and a
bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink. The guesthouse has its own front door and its own
air conditioning unit. This guesthouse is also suitable as a room for children.
Guesthouse, pictures are from
December 2006

Floor 2:
This is where you enter our house, in a spacious L-shaped living room. One part is 12 x 5
meter and the other part is 9 x 4 meter. In the second part you will also find the kitchen and
the entrance to the balcony. The living area includes a wonderful natural stone bench and
fireplace and is located in the very centre of the house. Here you will find a TV and a separate
DVD player. We have a radio and CD player at hand as well.
The dining room takes up the biggest part of floor two and contains a wonderful double sofa
bed. This part of the living room can be separated using a sliding door. This creates a separate
bedroom with its own bathroom. Ideal for guests 5 and 6. In the summer we also have a large
mosquito net available for this bed. This room also has an air conditioning unit.
The floor has a large bathroom built in a semi-circle. The bathroom is built entirely in natural
stone and has a toilet, sink, and a shower. Here you will also find a washing machine.
Adjoining is the kitchen. We cook on a gas stove and a new refrigerator with separate freezer
compartment is at your disposal. The kitchen has been fitted with every conceivable comfort.
The kitchen has a bar with four seats. From the kitchen you can walk directly onto the big
balcony with a wonderful view of the Greek sea. Outside we have a dining table with
matching chairs as well as luxurious beach chairs and a parasol.
Balcony Fireplace with staircase
Bedroom 3; newly built

Floor 3:
From the living room there is a beautiful natural stone staircase leading to the top floor. A
very spacious (master)bedroom with two box spring beds fills this area of 4 x 7,5 meter. This
room also has an air conditioning unit. A lovely white closet along the side of one of the walls
will ensure that your luggage will also have a pleasant stay. This floor has a third bathroom
with a sink, a bath, and a toilet.
This bedroom has its own balcony with natural stone table. Because this is the highest point of
the house, the balcony has a magnificent view. You can see the sea entirely from Kalamata to

The site has its own entrance where you can park your car. The house is built on a slope. Our
parcel is 1000 square meters big and it borders on the land of our neighbors. The house and
the garden give a relaxing feeling of space. The architect divided the garden into different
terraces. These terraces are covered with wonderful Greek natural stones (plaka’s). We have
seven olive trees providing pleasant shade. To cool you down even more, we have a hose that
can be attached to a beam in order to create an outside shower. You have sea view and on
clear days the Taygetos mountain range is clearly visible. In wintertime even including snowy
Summer 2005 before completion Winter 2006 after completion

The sea:
Our house is located 1,3 kilometers from the sea. When we walk down the mountain in a calm
pace we reach the beach of Kafou within 20 minutes. The return trip, will take slightly longer.
The beach lies in a small bay with a pebble surface. When approaching the sea the pebbles
smoothly change into sand.
In Chrani or Agios Andreas there are also beaches with more facilities such as small bars and
restaurants. Everything in Greek simplicity, and very calm. In the area there are countless
possibilities and ways to enjoy the sea. Every expedition you will make, will send you back
past the sea in some way.

Our home in Greece
T.V x
DVD player x
Refrigerator x
Freezer x
Bookshelf filled with Dutch literature x
Washing Machine x
Air conditioning in every bedroom x
Electric oven x
Gas stove x
Fireplace x
Number of persons 6
Distance to the sea 1,3 km
Situated detached
Bath 1
Shower 2
Toilet 3
Juicer x

Greece has 220 volt and electric sockets similar to sockets in the Netherlands. For different
power plugs you may want to consider bringing a socket adaptor. There is a central fuse box
in the stairwell.

The house has its own water supply/tank with good water pressure
and hot and cold water. In this part of the Peloponnesos there is a serious water shortage.
Therefore we ask our guests to respect the region and to be mindful of this situation.
Air conditioning:
Every bedroom has an air conditioning unit.

Bed linen:
When renting our house, bed linen is included. However, you will have to bring your own
beach towels. We have a washing machine in the house.

You will always arrive in a clean house. Cleaning at the end of your stay is not included. If
you would like to make use of extra cleaning services during your stay, this can be arranged.
There will be additional costs attached to this option.
Help in case of emergencies:
In case of emergencies we have people you can contact. Peter and Andrea, a British couple,
are available in case of problems. They also take care of cleaning and maintenance of the
house and garden. Of course you can always contact us as well. In addition, there is a Dutch
broker in Chrani who can offer help when needed. All the phone numbers can be found in the
Our house in the summer of 2006 (still unpainted).

The Peloponnesos are the most southern part of the Greek mainland. The terrain is rough and
the inland consists of compact mountain ranges. At the coast the climate is Mediterranean.
The Peloponnesos are more than twice the size of the Netherlands. Still, it is inhabited by no
more than one million people. It is a stunningly beautiful area with many diverse sceneries.
The coast seems almost endless, there are loads of small villages and even many archeological
digging sites.

The area around Kafou
Our home lies in the village of Kafou. 20 kilometers north of Koroni, and 35 kilometers south
of Kalamata. The province of Messinia is a green province with lots of olive trees. A beautiful
region which is relatively green. Excellent for walks.
Kafou is a small village 1,3 kilometers away from the sea. There are approximately 20
houses, some ruins, and a wonderful old church. All the houses are detached en most of them
have a magnificent view of the sea and the mountains. Some houses are permanently
inhabited. The habitants are mostly Greek or foreigners who use their house in the holidays.
Kafou has no shops. Shops are located 2,5 kilometers from our house in Chrani. There you
will find all kinds of shops, supermarkets, coffeehouses, restaurants, and a Greek butcher.
Meals are both affordable and very tasty. You will find suggestions in our house.
More things in the proximity
Both lovers of Greek culture and history as well as nature fans will have plenty to see in this
part of Greece. The enormous mountains ranges are overwhelming, there are beautiful
coastlines with desolated bays and friendly fishing villages. Some of the most extraordinary
places are: Mykene, Olympia, Pylos, Methoni, Koroni, Mistras, and Sparta.

Prices and reservations
The renting price is € 495,- per week in the low season and € 595,- in the high season (All
school vacations 2015) for 4 persons.
Excluded are:
1: Water, electricity, linen, (towels and bed linen are included) and air conditioning. The costs
of which amount to € 52,50 per week.
2: At the end of your stay, cleaning will be done for you, the costs are: € 50,-.
Should you decide to come with more than four persons, we charge a fee for person number
five and six. The fee amounts to €15,- per person, per week including water, electricity, and
In addition, we charge a €150,- deposit which we will return after you return the keys.
When you stay with us for a longer period, an extra cleaning is possible. For this, different
prices apply.

Renting period:
Our house in Greece is for rent during the entire season. There are several options outside the
season as well. A longer stay outside the season is also possible, in which case we will reduce
the price. Our house is for rent from Saturday to Saturday. Arrival after 15:00 and departure
before 10:00.

Reservations and questions:
For questions and reservations you can contact Alex Kühne and Yvonne van der Caay.
Available under the number 00316- 55 17 64 68 during the summer period not available
through e-mail, only by phone.

How to make a reservation:
After we come to an agreement we send you a contract. We ask a down payment of 50% of
the total amount. One month before you leave you transfer the other 50% to our bank. We will then send you the key and the itinerary. Please let us know through e-mail
when you receive the key. When you come back you send the key back to us, and we will
return your deposit.

Is not an option. You will need a separate cancellation insurance.

The Journey
There are two ways to reach Kafou.
You can travel by car/ferry or by plane
Flying to Athens
You can fly to Athens all year. From there you can take a train, bus, or rental car to our house.
By car it is a 297 kilometer drive. Of that drive, the final 40 kilometers are two-lane. The
drive will take you approximately three hours.
You can fly to Athens from:
London (Ryanair / British Airways / Easyjet)
Amsterdam (KLM / Transavia / Aegean Air)
Brussel (Brussels Airlines / Aegean Air / Olympic Air)
Dusseldorf (Lufthansa / Aegean Air / Air Berlin)
Keulen (Lufthansa, German Wings, Olympic Air)
Frankfurt (Lufthansa)
You can fly to Kalamata from:
Amsterdam: Transavia
Dusseldorp: Air Berlin
London: Aegean Air
Brussel-Milano-Kalamata: Ryan air (In summer the cheapest and closest.)
Most convenient is to book an hotel near the airport. Usually you can park your car there and
the hotel will bring you to the airport. Costs for a 4 person room and parking space for a car
for two weeks are approximately € 100,-.
Flying to Patras:
Dusseldorf Weeze (Ryanair through Milano to Patras)

Cars can be rented at any airport. provides the best value rental cars.
Sometimes it helps to wait a day to get better prices on your rental car. Based on your flight
data it is quite easy to pick your times of arrival and departure combined with the class that
you want to rent. You pay in advance with your credit card on the internet. Upon arrival in
Athens they will be waiting for you and you will normally be behind the wheel of your car
within ten minutes. When you go back, there will be someone waiting for you to collect the
car in front of the departure hall. You only have to make sure the tank is filled up. Faster
service is nearly impossible. Costs of a small car including every insurance is approximately
€ 130.-.

First you travel to Ancona in Italy (From Amersfoort in the Netherlands 1480 kilometers by
car). From there you can choose between multiple companies to take you and your car to
Patras in Greece. Anek Lines leaves every afternoon from Ancona. The ferry trip takes 22
hours on a very comfortable ferry with a swimming pool, two restaurants, and beautiful
outdoor terraces. Your holiday starts as soon as you leave Ancona.
There are three ways to spend the night on the ferry. You can stay in a cabin, in a reserved
airplane seats, or you can find a spot on deck to sleep under the stars with your sleeping bag
and camping mattress. Prices for four people including a car for a return trip vary from
approximately €850,- including a cabin, € 500,- for the reserved airplane seats, and € 400,- to
sleep on deck. For more information please visit You can make
reservations through your travelling agency or directly on the website of one of the shipping
organizations such as Anek Lines. We recommend to make reservations up front when
travelling in the high season.
From Patras to our house in Kafou it is only approximately 150 kilometers. Using a good
quality road you will reach our house within two and a half hours.
It is already possible to make reservations for all of 2015.

Furthermore, there is plenty of space coming up.
Winter 2014-2015 in Greece is wonderful.
Hiking, reading, city trips, the possibilities are endless.
Alex en Yvonne
phone number 00316-55 17 64 68
mail address:
Thanks, we’ll see you soon
Alex Kuhne en Yvonne van der Caay
Ruby en Teddy